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What do you know about laser dental bleaching?

Nowadays laser bleaching of teeth is the most effective method to get the smile you have always dreamt about. How are teeth being bleached? Everything is rather simple. Your dentist will apply a special gel containing medicinal substances and fruit components to your teeth. This gel makes teeth more receptive to bleaching. The ions of this gal can get deep inside the tooth tissues and secure maximum possible bleaching because these ions have a relatively small molecular weight. After that gel is fixed on hard tooth tissues with the help of a laser. This will make your new smile shine. Now you need absolutely nothing for dental bleaching. No more long hours with gel on your teeth. The whole procedure of laser bleaching will take only about 40 minutes.

This very fact makes the process of dental bleaching more pleasant and the effect more obvious. The effectiveness of this method is connected with the double action of it not only hydrogen peroxide but also laser bleaches your teeth.

The laser can decompose pigment spots on teeth. This method has been proving its effectiveness for about 15 years already. Most countries of the world conducted tests on this method of bleaching. The results show that this method is absolutely safe for tooth tissues. Moreover, this procedure can make your teeth even healthier. Your teeth will become firmer thanks to the laser. It increases firmness of teeth by means of compaction of the structure. Your teeth can become 37% firmer.
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