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Periodontitis and Systemic Disease

Scientific evidence emerging from the beginning of 1990th years suggests that there are two sides of the link between periodontal disease and systemic health. First, as already mentioned in Chapter 10, the presence of somatic diseases, which may increase the likelihood of disease initiation or severity of periodontitis. On the other hand, the presence of chronic infection Oral (periodontitis), can have a negative effect on individual health system.

In this Chapter, we discuss the possibility that periodontal disease can change some aspects of some system diseases, to those diseases, more serious. Recent scientific studies suggest an Association between periodontal health and health in General, linking periodontitis in various systemic problems. The impact of periodontal infections documented in a number of system conditions, including cardiovascular/cerebrovascular problems, diabetes, premature birth, birth, low birthweight delivery and respiratory systems (box 18-1) [1-3].

Periodontal disease is a potentially modifiable risk factors. The possibility of a merger between the system of periodontal disease and suggests that dental hygiene and periodontal treatment can play a role in reducing the frequency and severity of these systemic diseases. Interdisciplinary relationship between dental hygienists and other health workers should be created to ensure the highest level of service for the patient. Periodontitis disease progression..

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