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Attached Gingiva

On attached gingiva is part of the Desna river, which is closely linked with cement cervical third root and periosteum (connective tissue cover) alveolar bone. On attached gingiva lies between the free gum and mucous alveolar ridge (Fig. 1-6).

Width of attached Gingiva- pdf

Width of attached gingiva

  1. On attached gingiva is the largest in the incisors and indigenous areas ranging from 3.3 to 3.9 mm on the lower jaw and 3.5-4.5 mm in the upper jaw (Fig. 1-7).
  2. On attached gingiva - in the narrow premolar regions (1.8 mm on the lower jaw and 1.9 mm in the upper jaw).
  3. Width of attached gingiva is not measured to taste, as clinically not possible to determine where the attached gingiva ends and the soft palate mucosa begins.
  4. It was once thought that is 2 mm, Width of attached gingiva necessary for the health of periodontium; this concept is not accepted today [1].
  1. In health, attached gingiva pale or coral pink (Fig.
  2. On the attachment of the gums may be pigmented (Fig. 1-8).
  • Pigmentation is more common in dark-skinned people [2].
  • Pigmented areas of attached gingiva can range from light brown to black.
Biological width of attached gingiva

In health, the surface of attached gingiva can have dimpled, like the skin of an orange peel. This is a dimpled appearance is known as a dotted line (Fig. 1-9). Healthy tissue may or may not be set Maslyuk appearance, as the presence of point edge varies greatly from person to person. The stippling is present in 40% of adults.

  1. On attached gingiva allows gum tissue to withstand the mechanical forces created during activities such as chewing, speaking, and brushing your teeth.
  2. On the attachment of the gums to prevent the free gum from broke away from the tooth, when the voltage is applied to the mucous membrane of the alveolar ridge.
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