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Alveolar bone

Alveolar process or alveolar bone in the bone of the upper or lower jaw, which surrounds and supports the roots of the teeth (Fig. 1-15). Alveolar bone mineral connective tissue and is composed by weight of about 60% inorganic material, 25% inorganic material, and about 15% of water. The existence of the alveolar bone is dependent on the availability of teeth, after a tooth extraction, in time, alveolar bone dissolves. If the teeth are not erupt, the alveolar bone is not developing.

Alveolar bone forms bony sockets that support and protect the roots of the teeth.

Alveolar bone crest

If you look at the context, alveolar process consists of three layers of solid tissues and covered by a thin layer of connective tissue (Fig. 1-16 and 1-17).

Alveolar process of maxilla

Alveolar bone is correct (or vinyl lattice plates) is a thin layer of bone, which lines the nest for surrounding the root of the tooth.

Alveoli-bony socket cavity alveolar process that home tooth root (alveoli = singular; alveoli = mn.h) (Fig. 1-18). Alveolar bone in fact many holes that allow the blood vessels of the spongy bone to connect with the courts of the periodontal ligament space. The ends of the fibers of the connective tissues of parodentium embedded in the alveolar bone is correct.

Cortical bone layer of compact bone that forms the hard, outer wall of the lower and upper face and linguistic aspects. It cortical bone around the alveolar bone is correct, and provides support for sockets.

Buccal cortical bone thin in the incisors, canines, premolars regions; cortical bone thickness, molar regions. With cortical plate at the faces and the lingual side of the jaw, it will not appear in the x-ray; only spongy bone and alveolar bone properly you can see on the picture. Alveolar crest, is the crown part of the alveolar ridge.

  • In health, alveolar ridge is located from 1 to 2 mm apical (see below) FAC teeth (Fig. 1-19).
  • When viewed from the front or the language aspect, alveolar ridge is responsible teeth wavy (wavy) line, which follows the contours CEJs.
  • Spongy bone (or spongy bone) latticelike bone, which fills the interior of the alveolar ridge (between cortical bone and the bone of the alveolar process, actually). Spongy bone revolves around the tooth in support of the alveolar bone is correct.
  • Periosteum the soft layer of connective tissue covering the outer surface of the bone; it consists of an outer layer of collagen tissue and the inner layer of thin elastic fibers.

Alveolar bone proper..

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