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Clinical Features of Healthy Gingiva

This is important for clinicians to recognize the emergence of healthy gums and identify any deviations in health. In addition, clinicians should be able to describe the gums exactly when documenting results of periodontal evaluation.

1. The fabric color and contour health

And The Color Of The Fabric

1. Healthy gum tissue, uniform, pink. A shade of pink depends on the number and size of blood vessels and the density of gingival epithelium.

2. This shade of pink, as a rule, are lighter in blondes with fair complexions, and darker in brunettes with dark complexions (Fig. 13-1).

3. Coral pink gums easy to distinguish from the darker the mucic of alveolar process.

4. Healthy tissue can also be pigmented. Pigmented areas of attached gingiva can range from light brown to black.

B tissue contour (size and shape)

1. In health, gum tissue lies tightly around the tooth and firmly against the alveolar ridge (Fig. 13-2).

2. Gingival smoothly undulating in the arched form, as gingival margin flows across the surface of the teeth, from the nipple to nipple.

3. Gingival margin is responsible tooth with bevel (faces), flat or slightly rounded edge.

4. Papillae come and fill the space between the teeth (Fig. 13-2).

5. Teeth with diastema-absence of contact between the neighboring teeth or large gaps between teeth will have a TV with papillae.

2. Tissue sequence and structure of health care in

A. Tissue Consistency

1. On attached gingiva is securely connected to the base of cement, and alveolar bone.

2. Fabric sustainable (elastic). If gentle pressure on the gums from the probe, fabric resists compression and sources back almost immediately.

3. On attached gingiva not break away from the tooth when air is blown into the furrow.

Healthy gingiva appearance

B. the surface Texture fabric

1. In health, the surface of attached gingiva is solid and can be dimpled, like the skin of an orange peel (Fig. 13-3).

2. This is a dimpled appearance is known as a dotted line. The presence of point edge you better watch by drying the tissues with the help of compressed air.

3. Healthy tissue may or may not be set Maslyuk appearance, as the presence of point edge varies greatly from person to person. 3. Position of Gingival Margin in Health. The gingival margin is slightly coronal to the cementoenamel junction (Fig. 13-4).

4. No bleeding in the field of health. Healthy tissue is not bleed when disturbed clinical procedures such as gentle sounding furrows.

Growing healthy gum tissue ..

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