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Nuances of orthodontic therapy

orthodontic therapy
It is necessary to know some nuances of orthodontic treatment that presupposes using brackets. The main aspect of using this system is a very careful hygiene of the mouth cavity. After the doctor installs brackets the patient may have some problems with cleaning his teeth. Do not worry as the dentist will show you how to clean your teeth properly. Any dentist can tell you how to keep the brackets and teeth clean.

It is forbidden to treat teeth with the help of brackets if you have allergy, mental diseases and severe periodontitis.

How to choose a good dentist and a clinic?

good dentist
What should one be guided by when choosing a dentist? Whom should one entrust his teeth with? Is it better to turn to an experienced professor or a gifted specialist using new technologies? Unfortunately there is no universal answer.

We can only give some recommendations to be followed while choosing a doctor or a clinic:

When should one start treating incorrectly growing teeth?

growing teeth
One should see an orthodontist for the first time as soon as the first normal tooth appears (at the age of about 6). The first grinder starts growing behind the milk teeth. The grinder will serve you for many years. The main decision you are to make is whether you need an orthodontic correction of teeth and when it is best to start the correction. It is natural that correction of the form of your teeth will bring discomfort. It will also take time and cost money. Before a dentist starts the procedure he should find out whether his patient (even a child) is willing to undergo the procedure. If a child is against the correction the procedure will be less effective.

What should one know about bracket systems and removable platters?

bracket systems and removable platters
There are 2 types of devices used to correct the position of teeth removable and nonremovable. During the process of milk teeth eruption it is possible to use a pre-orthodontic trainer. A firm silicone gum shielder will correct the position of teeth during the process of dentition. The child will wear the trainer for 1 hour during a day and while sleeping. This way one can minimize the possible consequences of the denture defects. The given method can be used only for children under 8 years. A trainer is a plastic platter used to correct the position of teeth of the maxilla or the mandible.

What should one do to have normal occlusion?

What should one do to have normal occlusion
Classical way to improve occlusion consists in using brackets and platters - orthodontic equipment. Teeth are being affected by mechanical pressure on teeth. Orthodontic trainer works according to a different principle. First of all it eliminates the excessive pressure experienced by teeth and jaws. It can help to get rid of bad habits that cause malocclusion and change of the position of teeth.

Trainers help to form a denture, stimulate the development of all parts of the jaws. The muscles are getting used to the proper position and it secures a good result unlike all classical methods of correcting occlusion. Psychological aspect of the problem deserves special attention as trainers do not traumatize the childs psychics. Trainer is use for 1 hour during the day and at night while the child is asleep. Unlike trainers, brackets demand constant wearing and will most probably cause physical and psychological problems.

Moreover, it is much easier to cure a child with the help of a trainer. Mind that it is also absolutely painless.

How can one exercise his teeth?

How can one exercise his teeth?
Somehow many people think that uneven teeth are an inherited problem. Actually 70% of such cases are caused by the strong pressure of the jaw muscles. The following childs habits as suckling a finger, breathing through the mouth, biting cheeks or lips can make the teeth uneven. Teeth are being deformed during the process of dentition.

The most classical methods to cure uneven teeth consist in using removable plates. A child should wear it all the time without removing it. The task is difficult as wearing a plate is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Sometimes dentists recommend waiting until the milk teeth fall out. Only then treatment with the help of brackets can be started. But there is a problem by the time milk teeth fall out occlusion is already formed and it will be very difficult to cure all abnormalities. Removal of some teeth or even a surgery may be needed.

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