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What is an implant?

What is an implant?
Many people have heard something about implants but they do not know what implants are. Implant is an artificial root placed instead of a lost tooth. Actually the construction consists of a titanium screw fixed directly on the jawbone. Do not confuse implants with titanium posts driven in the root of the tooth. Titanium is a bioinert material. It means that a persons organism will not reject the construction. Because of this property titanium is widely used in medical practice to produce pins and bone plate and so on. Titanium is also known to be one of the most durable materials ever used in medicine. The implant is not fully placed inside the jawbone. The dentist will let a small part of it stick out and adjust a crown (usually a ceramic-metal dental crown) to it as soon as the implant gets acclimated. The main advantage of implantation is that the adjacent are not effected in any way. This method does not require turning of the adjacent teeth or removing of nerves (unlike other classical prosthetic appliances). With the help of implants one can restore not only one but several lost teeth. Your new teeth will be just like the old ones. You will not even feel the difference between them.

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