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Incognito brackets: made in Germany

Brackets incognito 3M
In 2001 the first lot of Incognito brackets was produced. To tell the truth both dentists and their patients were surprised and glad to see the invention of a German orthodontist. Nowadays Incogniti brackets are a unique mixture of computer calculations, easily predicted result, easy installation and comfort for the patient. During the preparatory stage the future denture of the patient is being modeled. This peculiarity of Incognito brackets allows to consider all wishes of the patient as well as the peculiarities of his denture.

Unique devices allow to install the brackets with excellent precision with each element being tested in a special lab in Germany. Incognito brackets are made of alloys containing gold. The patient will feel no discomfort while wearing the brackets. Moreover, the system is fixed to the back side of your teeth so nobody will guess that you are wearing brackets.

Clinical experience of applying these brackets shows that it will take about 3 weeks for the patient to get used to brackets and even forget that he is wearing ones. The thing is that all elements of the brackets can adjust to the teeth and soft tissues of the patients mouth cavity. Incognito brackets can be also used to correct occlusion of children as they do not cause demineralization of the childs teeth enamel. This method of correction will take as much time as using other methods (though there are cases when the treatment takes even less time). A unique alloy used to produce Incognito brackets guarantees that you will have no allergy or irritation of the mouth cavity tissues. Another positive side of using this system is that the mouth cavity hygiene is very simple. Incognito brackets are well adjusted to teeth and no food debris can get to the surface of your teeth and ruin them.

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