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Does fruit cause dental caries?

Health reports worldwide to encourage increased fruit and vegetable consumption with minimal consumption quotes 400 g per day or five servings. In 1989 in the UK COMA report recommended to reduce the risk of caries, the use of breast milk external sugars should be reduced, and that this sugar should be replaced by fresh fruit, vegetables and starchy foods. UK National Food Guide? The balance of Good Health " recommends that the third volume of food should be provided with fruits and vegetables (fresh, preserved and frozen).

Fresh fruit juices are included in the list of fruits and vegetables, but the recommended intake of fruit juice can count only as a minimum of five servings. Preference to whole fruits and vegetables, because they contain more non-starch polysaccharides and plant cell wall materials that benefit health. With a dental perspective, it is also desirable to consume whole fresh fruit contrary juices, because chewing, provides a good incentive salivary flow. In addition, fresh fruit juices contain non-milk external sugars, after the elimination of the releases of fruit sugar from the cellular structure of the fruit. What is the evidence, thus, the link between fruit and caries?

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