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Partial Edentulous Mandibular Denture Format Temporary

When a conversion prosthesis is not available, it is sometimes necessary to fabricate a short-term denture format implant-supported acrylic T.I.P. This will only serve as an interim device until the final prosthesis can be made.

Cylinders are screwed into place and blocked out (see Chapter 3). Cold cure acrylic is mixed, molded around the cylinders and an acrylic bridge formed to encompass the edentulous areas. A metal reinforcement should be incorporated in the lingual aspect of the prosthesis for strength, especially in the cantilever area. After curing, the acrylic frame and model are steam cleaned. The frame is shaped and smoothed with acrylic finishing burs. The frame should be at least 3-4 mm in width _nd as high as the prosthesis will allow.

The denture teeth are then selected.

The denture teeth are set and waxed to contour.

The denture bridge is removed from the cast and the brass replicas are secured with guide pins. A proce_sing model is fabricated (see Chapter 3).

The prosthesis is flasked in the conventional manner.

The prosthesis is boiled out and all stone areas are painted with a separating medium. Note that the metal bar runs the entire length of the T.I.P. The flask is packed using Lucitone 199 and cured for 9 hours at 1650 F.

After curing, the restoration is broken out, cleaned, finished, and polished.

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