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1. Loss of investment in Periodontal pockets

And loss of investment is the destruction of fibers and bone that support the teeth.

B. tissue destruction is distributed not only in the apical (in vertical direction), but in the lateral (side-to-side direction.

C. pocket on different surface of roots of a single tooth can have different depth. The loss of affection may differ from the surface to the surface of the tooth, with a base in your pocket to show very irregular destruction of tissues (Fig. 3-18).

2. The Disease Sites. The disease Site is an area of tissue destruction. The disease site may include only one surface of the tooth, for example, the distal surface of the tooth. The disease site may include several surface of the tooth or all four surfaces (mesial, distal parts of the face, and linguistic).

A. inactive stage of the site is a disease of the site, which will be stable, application level JE remains unchanged over time.

B. active disease site is a disease of the site, which indicates the continuation of the apical migration JE over time.

C. assessment of disease activity. The disease activity of each site in the mouth should be evaluated using a periodontal probe and recorded in the patient's Chart regularly scheduled examination appointment).

D. Periodontal Pockets. Periodontal pocket-this is the area of tissue destruction left by the disease process. In your pocket much as a demolished home that remained after the hurricane.

1. The presence of periodontal pocket does not mean necessarily that there is an active disease on this site. Similarly, a destroyed house, not necessarily indicate that the hurricane is still beating coastline. Destroyed house can mean that a hurricane is still active, or that the hurricane passed through day, week, or a year ago. 2. Most of the pockets of most adult patients with inactive disease periodontitis-sites.


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