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Treatment for Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis

1. To encourage fluid intake, to prevent dehydration, which may be the result of a fever. Sports drinks such as Gator aid can be used to replenish electrolytes lost due to dehydration.

2. Diet replacement drinks such as PedaSure or treatment, can be a good supply of food will be difficult. The patient may eat foods that are processed in blender.

3. The patient's counsel that adequate fluid intake is important. Since food and drink pain, dehydration is a major problem with these people.

4. Antibacterial solution for rinsing of the mouth, as Listerine or Peridex should be recommended to prevent secondary infections.

5. Precautions should be taken to prevent the spread of the virus through the eyes of a patient or from an infected person to others. Infected patient should wash their hands with soap and water frequently. Wash the toys that infected child puts in my mouth before and after the game. Do not allow an infected child, the share of contaminated items, such as food with another person.

3. Linear gingival erythema (LGE)

A. Characteristics Of Diseases

1. LGE gums manifestation of immunosuppression.

2. It is characterized by inflammation that is an exaggeration, for the amount of plaque biofilm now.

3. LGE does not respond to improving oral self-help or occupational therapy.

4. For the diagnosis of LGE, the condition shall be saved after you remove plaque biofilm [17].

B. clinical manifestations LGE

1. LGE has a straight red band, which is limited free gum (Fig. 14-13). 2. There is no evidence of loss of investment in LGE.

3. A key feature of LGE is no bleeding on probing [18].

4. LGE is often associated with HIV infection.

5. LGE, as a rule, do not respond to therapy.

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