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Nature's Rules for Healing Teeth

Nature's Rules for Healing Teeth
Consider some of the key points of the book, therefore, to align and understand the principles that control the functions of your body and teeth:
  • Caries is caused by environmental factors, such as food; you have complete control over your diet.
  • "Dangerous" bacteria are not the cause of caries and not by chance to attack innocent victims.
  • Our modern diet is deficient in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals required for healthy teeth and bones.
Caries occurs when the body falls out of balance and your body sends hormonal signals that tell teeth to stop remineralization. The imbalance caused by spikes in blood sugar and interruptions in your metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Eat a lot of vegetables, limiting consumption of sugar by eating enough protein and diet, which includes a large number of fat-soluble vitamins, usually corrects this imbalance.

Dental surgeons who treat the symptoms of the disease of the teeth with the help of surgery. Dental treatment, usually provide only short-term results. Dentistry never promised to remineralize cavities or to prevent future cavities..

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