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Refined Sweeteners Can Damage Your Teeth

Refined Sweeteners Can Damage Your Teeth
The simple rule I follow sweeteners that if the sweetener that you use, not on the above-approved list, not sweet whole foods, such as dried fruits, then avoid it. It is important that you understand that many sweeteners, which were recently introduced to the market, in particular, to the health food market, highly processed and deceptively labeled. I have many people to sue me, but the label says it raw, vegan, all natural and healthy". When large amounts of money that can be made, marketers to blur the line reality, to sell more products. Simply because the Label is persuasive advertising step does not mean that you should be near human Guinea pig. healthy sweeteners affect blood sugar levels. This is something sweet foods in General. There's nothing healthier about exotic sounding imported sweetener than correctly processed cane sugar.

The evaporated cane juice and sugar-in the empty calories of sugar give you energy, but do not provide nutrients to the body.

White sugar will cause fluctuations in blood sugar, which will eventually lead to mineral loss from your teeth and bones. Queen Elizabeth the 1st remembered her black teeth from excessive consumption of sugar. They were black, but don't have a huge painful cavities, probably because otherwise its protective diet rich in fat-soluble nutrients. Processed sugar consumption depletes chromium, zinc, magnesium and manganese.119 health food products, labels, often contain organic evaporated cane juice. Do not be fooled by this natural sound interpretation; it's just sugar. Sugar is a recognized body, so it is much better than any of sugar replacement. If you are going to buy and choose the packaged food sweet, you want to contain sugar or fruit as a sweetener. That being said, consuming sugar gives us calories that are not dense nutrients. Replacement nutritious foods nutrient-poor sugar our modern diet is partly because contributed caries with the advent of modern civilization.

With High Fructose Corn Syrup (Corn Sugar). This is the worst sweetener for our teeth and overall health. Which is confusing people about fructose that fructose in artificial products is not the same as fructose in fruit. Synthetic sugar and natural sugar given the same name. Because high fructose corn syrup contains the synthetic form of fructose, it is toxic to the body. This explains why in study after study high fructose corn syrup is linked to serious diseases like pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and obesity. My experience is that consuming foods containing fructose is a recipe for glandular imbalances that lead to severe tooth decay. Avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague. ..

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