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The Dental Code of Silence

The Dental Code of Silence
Dental code of silence means that if hardly see the dentist treatment of the teeth in the oral cavity of the patient, he will be silent and not to educate his patient's status. Only once, when the dentist can comment on the Previous treatment of the teeth, if it is a very poorly done, and perhaps was made in another country. The only thing that we know from move one to the dentist, we will visit our experience, lying in the dental chair, head, humming drills, and opening and closing mouths and in different degrees. we have no idea if the dentist has set in the most wonderful and clean filling ever, or if he drilled from us forever healthy tooth, and then put the filling awkwardly. I heard, dentist, who recently died. He has to spend five hours working on one crown. He guaranteed his crown will last for 40 or more years. Quality dental work requires time.

Dentists code of silence allows the profession, to remain at low levels of productivity, as patients are not informed or educated about the poor dental work compared to good dental work.

BAD dentists will not be caught, and they continue to perform poorly dental work. Mercury fillings is just another example of dentists " code of silence. When doctors decline to act against tyranny dental ethics boards to hide toxicity and damage caused by mercury fillings and toxic metals in the mouth, they allow the system to continue with impunity...
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