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Problems associated with root filled teeth as abutments

In order to achieve long-term clinical success with prosthodontic restoration of the deep filled teeth is important to know the reasons for clinical failure. Some of these reasons, such as recurrent caries or periodontal breakdown, are the same as non-root filled teeth. The main difference is the absence of life cellulose with the capacity to address specific symptoms, which can act as a signal for the patient. To reduce the development of new caries and periodontal disease, individually adapted scheme of preventive care must be installed, including appropriate to recall the schedule.

Loss deduction crown possible in non-urgent, as well as in the vital supporting teeth, but in the latter case, the symptoms warn the patient. The specific issues associated with prosthodontic reconstruction root filled teeth now being discussed.

Loss of storage

Retention loss fail the connection between the two parts of recovery or between tooth restoration. A fracture in one of the materials may also result in clinically loss of retention, but the reason should be differentiated.

When the storage is lost in one abutment or full prosthodontic reconstruction will be a backlash, causes only mild symptoms in the tooth with non-urgent pulp like malodor, or he will still be functioning satisfactorily and failure can remain unnoticed for a patient. In these cases, the diagnosis is difficult, but nevertheless important. Continuous gap between the crown and the tooth giving access to bacteria, possibly causing decay, gum disease, tooth pulp complications and apical periodontitis, depending on the break point and print the remaining barrier between the gap and apex. In addition, the forces acting on the remaining reconstruction above, with an increased risk of fracture or consequential loss deduction other supports. Thus, at each recall expertise is extremely important to check whether each of the abutment in prosthodontic reconstruction.

The marginal fit checked visually, with the help of a magnifying glass and is suitable explorer, trying to penetrate between the tooth and the restoration of apical margin direction. If the gap is not detectable, rocking chair and push-pull finger movements can reveal the movement of restoration. In the case of a weak recovery over saliva along cavosurface margin can be observed. ..

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