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Protective roles of the dentinal fluid

Provided that anesthesia with vasoconstrictor not used and as long as dentin impact remains open, there will be a slow continuous outflow of the fluid along the dentinal tubules (0.4 |jl/min/cm2) (Fig. 2.16). It has been estimated that in some tube can be emptied and refilled ten times a day (12).

Both in continuous and in the stimulus-induced dentinal fluid flow can contribute to reducing the threats of invasive. After irradiation and dentin in the oral environment, bacterial elements can enter pulp tubules by diffusion. However, peripheral RSS dentinal liquid dilutes and opposes such inside the transport of elements (Fig. 2.17). Thus, only that exposed dentin is subjected to a painful stimulus has some capacity to cleanse the blood vessels, through the dissemination of harmful substances counteracts (1, 73). You must admit, however, that the peripheral flow of fluid cannot completely prevent internal distribution of bacterial items (3, 5). In addition, during periods of negative tissues with pressure of harmful substances on the surface of the dentin, thanks to a liquid, it can be retracted in the pulp and exacerbate the defeat of the tooth pulp. However, the protective effect of fluid is likely to be enhanced during inflammation of the pulp of the tooth and can contribute to the process of tooth pulp healing and repair see the following bacterial impact dentin (4, 47, 75).

Along with the increase of the plasma proteins in extra-vascular tissue compartment, the content of the plasma proteins will also increase in the dentinal fluid (41). This means that the spectrum of antimicrobial elements such as immunoglobulin and complement factors is carried out in bone and may bind to bacteria and bacterial macromolecules. Such a binding is likely to impede the further penetration into the mass. Increased concentrations of plasma proteins also affects the viscosity of a liquid and make it less susceptible. Thus, a number of factors associated with the dentinal fluid may help limit the threats that may result in exposure dentin oral environment.


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