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The root filled tooth

Pulpectomy RCTS and do not always lead to a successful clinical outcome. For example, the tooth may continue to be gentle or periapical inflammation may persist. Such treatment "failures" are often associated with defective root fillings, which allow organisms from the initial microbiota to survive in a root canal or new bacteria can penetrate through leakage along the border of restoration of the crown (Fig. 1.4).

Root canal in such cases, it may be retreated using non-surgical and surgical approach. In non-surgi-cal treatment of the root filling is removed and channel reinstrumented. Antimicrobial substances used to kill the microbes and the space will be restored. Crowns, bridges and posts can mean that sometimes it is impossible to achieve a root canal in the usual way. In such cases, surgical treatment may be taken. In the mucoperiosteal flap, then lifted up and entrance to the apical part of the root made through a bone. Surgical treatment often involves cutting of root tips, tools apical root part and accommodation filling in the apical end.


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