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How do sealants prevent decay?

Toothbrush bristles can't clean food and bacteria trapped in the open slots. Dental sealants to fill pits and grooves. This will help food, and makes the tooth is easier to clean.

How long sealants last?

Sealants should last up to ten years with proper care. Proper care includes regular brushing and flossing and a healthy diet, low in sweets. Children should not chew ice or bite hard objects, such as hard candy. Sealants that are damaged or weakened can be easily eliminated by the dentist.

How many sealants worth?

As a rule, filling of one tooth is worth less than one tooth filling. Unfortunately, the filling is usually just the first step to saving the damaged tooth decay. Prevention of caries with sealants and regular care cheaper in the long run.

Why is preventing the collapse of the sealants better than repair the tooth?

Sealants can prevent decay and save the structure of the natural tooth. Sealants can prevent pain caused by rotten teeth. Sealants can be prevented unnecessary expense and discomfort repair of dental...
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