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What are the forms and types of caries?

Types of caries ppt
Many people are afraid of dentists and are willing to postpone their visit to the clinic as long as possible. There are many fears people have developed since the earliest stages of history and the fear of dentists is one of the most widespread fears. Seeing other doctors and preventing other diseases somehow seems to be less frightening. It is enough just to say something about dentistry or dentists to spoil some peoples good mood.

Modern science has developed a number of methods that allow reducing pain during treatment of teeth. These methods include new anesthetics, technological innovation (using laser) for treatment and dental prosthetics, and using general anesthesia to treat teeth.

Even despite all the measures people are still afraid of dentists and there is a feeling that nothing has actually changed. The dislike of dentists in our country is stronger and deeper than anywhere else.

The reason for this is probably our national peculiarities long queues in dental clinics. Dental prosthetics also leaves much to be desired. Sometimes we observe the results of such treatment that could not be predicted. We know numerous examples of awful pains caused by dental treatment and lack of the dentists professional skills. To imagine the situation better just think of all misfortunes your friends or relatives ever had in a dental clinic.
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