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What is the reason of fear of dentists?

Fear of dentists statistics
The scientific term for fear of dentists is stomatophobia (or dentophobia). The reason of this fear is hidden in the persons past experience connected with the visit or visits to the dentist. The fear will be stronger if the pain during your last visit to the dentist was especially severe.

Many writers believe that toothache and headache are basically the same as they cause the same emotional feelings. Why do people react to toothache and headache so painfully? The answer is actually very simple. These kinds of pain are too close to the persons most important organs eyes and brain. This pain sets the instinct for self-preservation working. It is a well-known fact that toothache is different from other types of pain and can be rarely experienced if located outside the mouth cavity. Most psychologists believe that this specific pain is the actual cause of stomatophobia.

Parents may "present" their children with the fear of dentists by telling them horror stories about dentists and painful dental treatment.

Of course they do not do it on purpose but children's fears are very strong. Moreover, they can remain in the subconsciousness and it will be really difficult to get rid of such fears later. If a person postpones his visit to the dentist he may face extreme toothache that turns the whole life into a nightmare. Then the patient finally turns to dentist hoping to reduce pain. Naturally it is easier to treat teeth if you undergo regular examinations than if you do not.

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