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Conservation of Cementum During Periodontal Instrumentation

1. Saving of cement is ideal because of loss of cement accompanied impact dentinal tubules and loss of attachment of the periodontal ligament fibers on the root surface.

Conservation of Cementum During Periodontal Instrumentation

2. Until recently, intentional aggressive removal of cement was the standard of care for treatment during the Toolkit root surfaces exposed in the apical migration paroxizmalnaya form epithelium.

a. Intentional destruction of cement on coronal half root should be avoided, as cement is important to the health of the periodontium.

B. For many years, has exaggerated tools can result in deletion of all of cement, and the impact of underlying dentin.

2. Components Mature cement. Cement contains collagen fibers embedded in the organic matrix [15].

A. Collagen Fibers. Organic cement matrix consists of the framework tightly Packed collagen fibers, sealed gel extracellular of the basic substance. These fibers are more or less parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tooth.

B. Mineralized Part. Mineralized part of cement consists of hydroxyapatite crystals (calcium and phosphate). C. vessels and nerves. Cement contains no blood vessels or nerves. (Increased sensitivity to the root surface occurs when cement is removed exposing the dentin.

It dentin, which is sensitive to cleaning or touch dental instrument.)..

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