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Epithelial-connective tissue boundary

Epithelial-connective tissue interface border, where epithelial and connective tissues. In most places in the body, the epithelium is responsible connective tissue in wavy, uneven (Fig. 2-3).
  1. Epithelial ridges is a deep stretching epithelium, which come in the connective tissue. Epithelial ridges, also known as rete pegs (Fig. 2-3).
  2. Connective tissue papillae-finger-like extensions of the connective tissue, which is distributed in the epithelium (Fig. 2-3).
- Smooth Boundary
  1. Some specialized epithelial tissues in the body are responsible connective tissue and smooth interface that does not have epithelial ridges or connective tissue papillae.
  2. Some anatomical region gums have epithelial-connective tissue interface, smooth.
  3. Function wavy tissue border
Wavy fabric interface improves the adhesion of the epithelium to the connective tissue by increasing the surface area of the junction between the two tissues. This strong adhesion of the epithelium allows the skin to resist to mechanical forces. Wavy interface between the epithelial and connective tissue, which increases the area from which the epithelium can be powered from the base of connective tissue. The epithelium has no own blood; the blood vessels are close to the epithelium in the connective tissue papillae. Epithelial connective tissue differences..
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