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Historical Perspectives on Disease Control

A. calculus as a risk factor up to 1960

1. Theory. Until 1960, clinicians believed that periodontal disease was caused solely by the presence of calculus deposits, which act as a mechanical irritant to the fabric (Fig. 5-5).

2. Treatment until 1960

a. Professional Care. Prevention of occupational was scheduled each

6 months to remove accumulated calculus deposits.

B. Patient Self-Help. Patients were encouraged brush three times a day to remove food particles.

Historical Perspectives on Disease Control

B. bacterial plaque Biofilm as a risk factor-1965 to 1985

1. Theory. The bacteria in plaque biofilm the cause of periodontal disease (Fig. 5-6).

a. A classic study on Loe et al. [3] it is shown that the accumulation of bacterial plaque biofilm is important for the development of gingivitis.

B. In 1975 and 1985, directed on the study of the composition of plaque biofilm.

The researchers hoped to determine what types of bacteria were responsible for specific types of periodontal disease. Periodontal pathogenic bacteria that can infect the tissues of the periodontium.

c. In this period of time many doctors believed that

1) daily plaque biofilm control efforts alone could prevent or control of periodontal disease.

2) If patients do not respond to treatment, they were guilty, probably due to irregularities or inadequate care.

2. Treatment 1965 to 1985

a. Professional Care. Prevention of occupational was planned in two-three times a year. B. Patient Self-Help. The patient was instructed in self-help techniques and taught that the prevention and control of periodontal diseases depended on his or her daily plaque biofilm control efforts. If the disease has not been prevented or controlled, the patient blame for the failure on the plaque biofilm control.

Historical Perspectives on Disease Control..

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