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Life Cycle of a Biofilm

In biofilms life cycle consists of three stages: attachment, growth, and the unit (Fig. 6-4).

A. The Application. The bacteria to attach to the surface.

Attached bacteria began to produce substances that attract other free floating bacteria to join biofilm communities (Fig. 6-8).

Attached bacteria produce a film known as the cell-free layer of mucus. This slimy film helps to keep the bacteria attached to the surface and acts as a protective shield for bacteria. Bacteria multiply rapidly and grow away from the surface in the form of a three mushroom Mature biofilms, which are attached to the surface on a narrow base.

Movement of fluid around Mature biofilm results in the extensions that flow from the main body of biofilms.

C. Squad 1. Lumps main biofilms detached and are carried away by the liquid around biofilms.

2. These detached clots can invest in other parts of the surface and form a new bacterial colonies.

Life Cycle of a Biofilm..

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