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Common burdock

Burdock root teeth
Common burdock or bur is a medicative herb. It can be seen anywhere. Still, very few people know how to use it. Many people think that common burdock is a weed. It can be 1-1,8 meters high, common burdock grows in gardens, dumps, near fences, on waste grounds. Common burdock is a grassy biennial Compositae. The stem of the bur is straight, smooth, ribbed. It has heart-shaped leaves. The root is very long and rod-shaped. Common burdock blossoms in July August. Roots of common burdock are gathered in autumn. They contain inulin, protein, essential oils, organic acids, slime, tannin, bitter stuff, and many other useful substances.

Common burdock in dentistry and against diseases of the mouth cavity. Extract of bur root possesses anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and wound healing properties. It can be used as a mouthwash to treat abscesses in the mouth cavity or gingival hemorrhage. Common burdock can be used to make decoctions and extracts.

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