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Dentistry and its High Price

Dentistry and its High Price
Modern dentistry is a deep failure. The scale of suffering and diseases caused dentistry so massive that is beyond our understanding. Dentistry is built on the false premise that the bacteria causing caries. Methods of treatment of drilling and filling are very harmful for teeth. The materials used in dentistry are extremely toxic and were due to diseases that are severe, painful and widespread. Conventional dentistry was badly poisonous mercury in the mouths of hundreds of millions of people.

On the impacts of mercury on dentists and suffering caused dentistry partly explains why dentists have one of the highest suicide rate of any profession. Tens of millions of needless root canal done. Modern dentistry, drilled deep in the healthy parts of millions of teeth due to unsuccessful treatment policy "expansion of prevention". This caused irreversible pulp damage in millions of nerves tooth with drills, which rotate too fast.

The profit system, based dentistry has led to tens of millions of needless dental procedures. Modern dentistry has poisoned tens of millions of children through the promotion of topical and internal use of untested fluoride poison.

And dentistry in some cases killed innocent children slowly from side effects of dental surgery, from ingesting fluoride, and from the deadly side effects of disease-inciting metals, implanted in children's mouths. If this dental massacre had some benefits for the show, then perhaps he may be released. But it is not. After sixty years, the average person has more than half of teeth affected by caries. And after this age, the average person has lost more than eight teeth, not including wisdom teeth...

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