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Healthy Corn

Healthy Corn
Even more than rice, healthy preparation corn largely depends on the varieties of corn are used. This leads to a wide variety of traditional maize preparation methods that range from simple firing fermented in two weeks.

Maize is a universal nixtamalized when prepared for use as flour. This process of soaking corn in alkaline solution to release Niacin (vitamin B3), and then peeling. Modern corn tortillas, chips, corn meals have any corn bran and germ, or very little corn bran and germ. they are also nixtamalized. Typical corn products with bran and germ are removed, will be lowered in phytic acid and below the toxic properties than whole grain corn. I can unequivocally determine how many of these maize products are safe for human health of teeth. They seem to be comparable to non-fermented unbleached flour. If the food has a whole kernel corn in it, and it has not gone through a thorough process of fermentation is probably very high anti-nutrients, such as phytic acid and lectins.

I am sure that foods containing all the corn kernel, or as it is, or how sprouted grains should be avoided. Another issue of concern maize with genetically modified maize. Due to cross pollination, even many that are not genetically modified grain, perhaps some genetic changes. Animals usually do not eat genetically modified (GM) maize if they are forced to do it. Those who ate had problems in the field of reproductive health among other issues.

OGI, traditional sour grain from West Africa shows, the effort required to make corn, sorghum and millet safe for children. For a start, grain already dried in the sun after being harvested and stored in their body. Maize is then soaked for 1-3 days. Corn bran, corn husks, corn germ removed completely. Then the mixture to ferment for 2-3 days, cooked and then dried for storage lie

Pozol is fermented corn dish from South America. Corn is based on calcium hydroxide to release Niacin. Housing, or pericarp, corn - rem - Obed. Pozol is fermented for 1-14 days.

Not every indigenous grain recipe bran removed from grain or even enzymes grain. Figs-Ethiopian bread is traditionally made from Teff. The recipe I have for figs use of whole grain sorghum. Sorghum fermentation with enzyme-rich snacks within 48 hours. Chapatis this cakes of India made with whole wheat and it was not leavened. In both these cases, it appears crops took a recipe that was well with one grain, such as Teff in Ethiopia and rice in India, and then used the same recipe, which recently entered the grain. Over the last several hundred years new levels of trade, immigration and adoption of the customs of other cultures has created a whole grain recipes that appear at first glance, traditional, but actually received and not effectively remove grains toxins...

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