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Remineralize Your Teeth with Diet

Remineralize teeth on a vegan diet
In the previous Chapter, I presented a detailed diet instructions that you need to eat and why to remineralize your carious teeth. We learned about the nature of health principles, having studied the diet of indigenous peoples around the world. I now compile some effective diet programs, based on decades of research, carried out by some of the world's best dentists, including Weston price and Melvin p. I will also be guided in life dental experience dentist George heard, and decades jigging experiments Dr. Edward and can Mellanby. in addition, these programs combined with volumes of research from dental supply and publications, as well as from my personal experience five years, helping people remineralization of teeth through diet.

Each program presented here, maybe new tips, tricks and ideas for you to learn. You can find a meal ideas and recipes in the next Chapter.

Nothing in this Chapter is not intended to replace your innate knowledge. If something does not feel right, or not working for you, then please, make changes in these terms, suitable what is best for you. I will offer a basic program that's easier just to follow a balanced program designed for most readers, and an advanced and vegetarian program.

Each program includes several important aspects to heal tooth decay. I want you to understand the structure, so you can create the Type of food you want.

  1. Add fat-soluble vitamins A, D and activator X diet.
  2. To eat a portion of protein during the day and balance blood sugar.
  3. To avoid or reduce modern denatured food.
  4. There are products to increase the consumption of mineral, especially broth, milk products and vegetables.
For simplicity, I will consistently recommend green pasture production in these programs. You can use the guidelines set out in Chapter two, to find a replacement source of fat-soluble vitamins to your liking. ..
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