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Rhizomes of bergenia

Rhizomes of bergenia
Bergenia is a frost-resistant and shade-enduring plant. It can easily grow even in difficult environments. Bergenia grows in Siberia, Altai, in the Sayan Mountains, and near Lake Baikal. It likes rocky surfaces. However, many people grow bergenia in their kitchen gardens. Bergenia is stored up during summer. Bergenia can be used for 4 years. Then it loses its medicinal qualities. Rhizomes of bergenia contain tannin, free polyphenols, isocoumarin, starch, sugar, glucoside , essential oils, arbutin, gum, resin, and microelements. Bergenia in dentistry and against diseases of the mouth cavity. Rhizomes of bergenia possess styptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and bactericidal qualities. Bergenia decoction is used to lubricate gums. It can be also used as a mouthwash.
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