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Severe periodontitis

Severe periodontitis is the most serious and unpleasant form of the disease. The symptoms of severe periodontitis are: deep periodontal recesses and inevitable loss of bone tissue. These symptoms lead to one more symptom of periodontitis severe gingival hemorrhage. Moreover, teeth become loose and can easily fall out. Dental recesses formed as a result of a disease contain purulent discharges with an unpleasant poignant smell. Severe periodontitis demands immediate operative intervention. Otherwise one can lose all teeth.

Operative intervention consists in removal of damaged teeth. It is followed by curettage of bone recesses and scrappy operation. There is also a necessity to strengthen bone tissue. It can be done with the help of osteogenous medicines. Sometimes they can even restore some parts of damaged bone tissues. Treatment with the help of steogenous medicines is an important part of treatment of severe periodontitis.

There is one more effective method of treatment of severe periodontitis directed regeneration of bone tissues. It is carried out with the help of various membranes.

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