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Ulcerative gingivitis

Ulcerative gingivitis is another possible type of gingivitis. Being an inflammation process, ulcerative gingivitis leads to formation of necrotic deposit and ulcers on the surface of the edge of gum.

Factors that can cause ulcerative gingivitis.

Ulcerative gingivitis is usually the result of a respiratory infection, lasting consumption of food poor in calories, improper hygiene of the mouth cavity, excessive mental loads, malnutrition, and spring hypovitaminosis. Some diseases can worsen the general situation. These diseases include untreated caries and destruction of roots of teeth. These diseases must be treated before you start treatment of ulcerative gingivitis.

Yong men are more prone to this disease than other categories of people because they are more likely to consume too much alcohol. Another problem of the majority of young men is smoking. It is also very bad for teeth.

Excessive mental loads can easily cause production of substance that blocks the immune system.

It means that human organism under stress is easily attacked by all kinds of viruses and bacteria that cause ulcerative gingivitis.

Treatment of ulcerative gingivitis: If you suffer ulcerative gingivitis, it will be really difficult to treat it. Neglected ulcerative gingivitis is almost impossible to cope with. Treatment of the disease starts with anaesthetization of gums (usually with the help of special sprays). Then the dentist will treat gums with various medicines containing hydrogen peroxide (this substance stimulates rejection of necrotic tissues of gums. The next thing to be done is treatment of gums with antiseptics and stimulation of regenerative process of gums.

Self-treatment of ulcerative gingivitis is not the best idea. You will never be able to treat the disease yourself. Moreover, you will only torture your organism. One can hardly choose proper medicamental therapy or a good mouthwash. Leave it to professional dentists. Be wise and do not risk you health. Though treatment of ulcerative gingivitis is not the most pleasant thing in the world, it is better than constant pain and a mouth full of ulcers.

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