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Supportive periodontal care

When periodontal treatment completed, long-term stability of the periodontal tissues is achieved with the program, supporting periodontal or maintenance care. The General objective of maintenance therapy are:
  • prevention of recurrence and progression of periodontal disease;
  • to prevent or reduce the loss of teeth;
  • to increase the likelihood of diagnosis and treatment, timely, other diseases of the oral cavity.
To achieve these goals, the achievement of high level RAID management is necessary and selective re-treatment also often need to remove duplicate because of plaque and Tartar. It is customary to start supportive care adopting a standard approach as long as the degree of stability is evaluated. Then, each supportive care programmes should be adapted to individual needs. Interventions may include the strengthening of training in oral hygiene, nor with supragingival scaling, subgingival surgical or perhaps a combination of these two modes.

Apparently, there are no clear data indicating that the frequency interval recall, most likely, will give a better long-term results, while 3 months recall interval for patients seems to be preferred in most clinical trials and dental practice. This interval, however, apparently, was developing as a convenience for clinicians and patients, and not based on specific clinical and or microbiological data. Obviously, in this area, further research is needed to inform clinical practice.

It must be emphasized that the existing periodontal disease should be treated and optimal periodontal of health established a long course of treatment before prescribing recall program of professional cleaning. This is because the maintenance schedule, including one visit sessions of scale and learning the oral hygiene in wide intervals unlikely to recover periodontal health or prevent progressive loss of investment, when a significant number of disease is present in the beginning.

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