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Peculiarities of the Brilliant system

The main problem with dental bleaching is that most bleaching means contain either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide in small doses (3 10%). These substances can wash calcium out of your teeth and ruin your teeth enamel. It makes your teeth more sensitive. Moreover, they can start reacting painfully to exogenous irritants like temperature, sweet or sour food and so on.

The Brilliant system for dental bleaching was invented by the specialists of an American company Lornamead. The main aim was to get rid of the problem of sensitive teeth frequently caused by dental bleaching. The system does not contain peroxide compounds. It is a patent medicine and can be bought in any drugstore. Mind that though the system is for home use it is still recommended to consult your dentist. The Brilliant system for dental bleaching consists of:

  • bleaching gel
  • catalyst
  • bleaching toothpaste
  • patent Duplex dental plate
  • special pencil
  • scale to measure the tone of your teeth
The procedure of bleaching with the help of Brilliant system includes the following stages:
  1. Place the catalyst on the dental enamel with the help of a special pencil.
    The catalyst contains sodium chloride solution and speeds up the process of bleaching.
  2. Place the bleaching gel on the surface of teeth covered with the catalyst.
  3. When gel and catalyst are combined the process of dental bleaching begins.
  4. Some minutes after the procedure it will be necessary to restore the natural PH level in the mouth cavity. Do it with the help of the toothpaste.
Brilliant pencil is rather easy to use. A double-sided brush is used to apply bleaching gel. It will dry up just in 30 seconds. Right after the procedure you can return to your daily routine. Still, it is not recommended to smoke, eat or drink food containing coloring matters for foodstuffs 2 hours after the procedure to achieve the best result.

If you follow all rules from the instruction your teeth enamel will become 3-4 tones whiter after a week of usage. The whole course of bleaching takes 30 days. If you take 2 procedures a day you can be sure that your teeth will become 7 tones whiter in 15 days.

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