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The vital pulp

In normal physiological conditions pulp is well protected from injury and harmful elements in the oral cavity using an external hard fabrics of a tooth and an intact periodontal (Fig. 1.2). When the integrity of the tissue barriers broken for any reason, microorganisms and substances they produce can access pulp and adversely affect its healthy state. The most common microbial call pulp comes from caries. Even in its early stages substances from tooth decay-causing bacteria can enter the flesh, open the dentinal tubules. Like any connective tissue, pulp reacts by inflammation. Inflammation plays an important goal for neutralization and elimination of hazardous substances. It also organizes the subsequent repair of damaged tissues. Thus, the pulp can respond in a way that allows her to maintain irritation and remain in a functional state. However, when caries expanded the vicinity of pulp, a response may take a destructive course and result in severe pain and death (necrosis) of tissue.

Inflamed or injured pulp can be removed and replaced with a root filling procedure is called a pulpectomy.

This step was taken, especially in cases, when the condition of the pulp is that inflammatory breakdown is considered inevitable. Manifesto otherwise the infection may develop in the system of root canals.

In pulpectomy procedure is performed under local anesthesia with the use of specially developed root canal instruments. These tools remove diseased pulp and prepare channel system so that it can be performed properly. The purpose of filling to prevent microbial growth and multiplication in the tooth pulp chamber. Thus, pulpectomy is a measure is primarily aimed at preventing the development Manifesto root canal infection and painful consequences.

Pulpectomy can also be made at any time cellulose is directly exposed to the oral environment. This can happen after clinical excavations caries or after a traumatic insult or iatrogenic damage. If the exposure fresh flesh is judged not seriously inflamed it can't be removed. When an open wound is treated with proper dressing and protected from the cavity of the environment by covering the tooth pulp, healing and repair the wound, perhaps. For terms commonly used to specify endodontic disease and their treatment, see Core concepts 1.1.


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