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Children New Adult Teeth

New adult teeth begin to appear in the mouth from 5 to 7 years and can be a cause of concern for some parents. Parents can play an important role in helping their children to adapt to the changes in developing mouth, knowing how to grow new teeth.

What's Happening?

The first adult molar usually takes place in about 6 years old child molar. Around the same time, lower front teeth become loose. Adult teeth, eat " (resorb) the roots of the teeth, until they become very loose and eventually fall out. This process takes place gradually, the whole mouth until all the milk teeth are replaced by 12 to 14 years.

What Can Go Wrong?

Adult teeth can sometimes grow or behind the baby teeth, creating a double row of teeth. However, the child is usually remove the loosened the children's teeth are wriggling them within a few weeks. Usually after the teeth are gone, the pressure of the lips, tongue and cheeks, will attract new teeth into the correct position.

What Can You Do?

Encourage your child to wriggle their milk teeth as soon as they become free.
Encourage good brushing habits, even if it is a little inconvenient to clean around the loose teeth. It is important to maintain a healthy environment for new teeth.
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