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Cleaning Teeth

Clean your child's teeth at least once a day.

Why brushing your teeth? To remove plaque

Your child needs help to remove plaque from his or her teeth. Plaque is invisible sticky accumulation of bacteria that everyday forms on the surface of teeth. It can also form along the line of the gums, teeth and can irritate the gums. If left on the teeth, dental plaque can cause tooth decay. Cavity collapse of the enamel (protective outer surface of the tooth.

As you brush? Brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing are the easiest and most common ways to remove plaque. Meanwhile, children lack the coordination needed to brush or floss. First of all, you will have to clean your child's teeth. As your child watches as he or she learns a copy of your cleaning actions. Soon your child will be able to do some cleaning up without assistance. Help your child brush until he or she is eight years.

About eight years, most children can do a good job of brushing on their own.

Continue to help and encourage the child to brush his teeth every day. Encouraging your child to practice new skills will be to maintain a healthy attitude to this routine.

The child should use the smallest brush size, than the adult. The brush should be soft, round-tipped bristles. When the brush bristles have become bent or worn, replace the brush. Brush, usually lasts for three or four months. Dental health professionals offer several ways to clean your teeth.

This method works well:

  1. Hold the toothbrush to the teeth, with a bristle brush at a 45 degree angle to the right.
  2. Move the brush in circles with a gentle vibrating movements. Clean all surfaces of the tooth.
  3. On the inner side of the front teeth, tilt the brush and use small vibrating strokes or small circles with the tip of the brush.
You can reach all parts of the teeth brushed. To remove plaque from between the teeth and under the gum line, use dental floss. Ask your dental health professional when to start flossing the teeth of the child.

Here is how to manage and use floss:

  1. Break off a piece of dental floss about 45 cm (18 inches) in length.
  2. Wind most of the thread around the middle of his fingers of one hand. Wind the remaining approximately at the same finger of the other hand.
  3. Hold the floss tightly between his fingers and slowly work it between the teeth and gums. Use a gentle back and forth motion.
  4. When the thread on the gum, curve around the tooth, and insert it into the space between the teeth and gums. Then move the floss up and down the side of the tooth.
  5. Repeat this process on each tooth, using clean section of the thread every time.
  6. Remember the thread back of the last tooth on each side, top and bottom. For children, it may be easier to use a loop of the thread is formed by tying the two ends together,

When you brush? Every day

Ideally, it is necessary to brush teeth after each meal, after sugary snacks, and before bedtime. At least clean your baby's mouth at least once a day. Removing the plaque will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Develop a good habit to clean your child's teeth and your child will have strong and healthy teeth for life. ..
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