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Nutrition and dental diseases

Dental diseases affect the ability to eat. Students, missing teeth or tooth pain can limit healthy food (such as fruits and fibres) due to chewing problems, which can result in the selection of food products softer and less nutritious. Permanent under-nutrition in childhood, may have a negative effect on a student cognitive development and school readiness. Nutrient deficiency affects school performance, ability to concentrate and perform complex tasks, and classroom behavior.

Starches and sugars, especially those that stick to the teeth, contribute to the development of caries, if used too often and are balance with other foods. Starch (bread, cereal, crackers) and fructose (juice, raisins, fruits) split on sugar saliva. Bacteria use these sugar for the production of mouth acids that will attack the outer layer of enamel and cause tooth decay. Recommended snacks between meals is not made of starch or sugar, fruit, vegetables, meat or milk. It is important to eat a balanced diet for prevention of dental diseases...

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