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Composition of Dental Calculus

Calculus consists of inorganic (or mineral) component and organic components.

1. The inorganic portion of the calculation

a. Inorganic part of the calculation is from 70% to 90% of the total membership of the stone.

B. This is an inorganic part of Tartar, first of all, calcium phosphate, but Tartar, also contains calcium carbonate and magnesium phosphate.

c. Inorganic part of the estimates is similar to the inorganic component of bone tissue.

2. Organic part of the calculation

a. Organic part of the calculation is 10% to 30% of the General structure of the stone.

B. Components include organic part of the materials received from plaque biofilm that is derived from dead skin cells, and derived from the dead white blood cells. It may also include live bacteria within the deposits of the stone. ..

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