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Inflammation and disease of the tongue - glossitis. How to treat the diseases?

Glossitis tongue treatment
Inflammation and disease of the tongue - glossitis. Treatment of the disease. Glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue caused by various infections (viral or bacterial). Glossitis can be also called the infection or inflammation of the tongue.

Where does glossitis come from?

Inflammation of the tongue can appear in the result of some infection and be the sign of a more serious disease. Glossitis can appear in chronic and acute forms. The symptoms of glossitis are changes of the color of the tongue, its structure, inflammation. If you do not cure the disease it may lead to formation of papillomas (fungiform warts).

Glossitis appears locally because of viruses and pathogenic bacteria (including herpes causatives). Burns and mechanical traumas of the mouth cavity and tongue increase the tempos of the development of the infection.

It has been scientifically proven that the following factors increase the risk of glossitis: allergy to toothpastes, mouthwashes, spices, alcohol, hot food, nicotine, caramel.

Glossitis can follow such systemic diseases as syphilis, erythema, asiderotic anemia, deficiency of vitamin B, lichen and other diseases. Sometimes there are situations when it is impossible to identify the etiology of glossitis.

How does glossitis begin?

  • Change of the color of the tongue. It becomes violet or crimson.
  • Inflammation of the tongue, constant burning.
  • There are cases when the tongue becomes softer and bigger.
  • Asiderotic anemia can provoke pale deposit on the tongue.
  • Difficulties while eating, talking and swallowing.

Should one consult a doctor?

If you have some of the abovementioned symptoms and they last for more than a day you should really see your dentist. Do the same if you have difficulties with breathing, speaking, swallowing.

Glossitis diagnosing.

If you have any symptoms of glossitis see the dentist as soon as possible. He will examine the inflamed area, look for papillomas, and ask a series of questions to clear out the reason of the tongue infection. The doctor may also ask you to go for a check-up if he suspects the systemic disease.

Treatment of glossitis.

In case of glossitis the first task is to get rid of the germ. Nowadays medicine has developed a series of effective means of treating glossitis. In most cases treatment of glossitis can be completed without hospitalization (except for the most serious cases).

First of all you should pay special attention to the mouth cavity hygiene. Clean your teeth not less than twice a day. Use a special toothpaste advised by the dentist. Thorough hygiene is not enough. Use special means to avoid complications in future (this refers not only to treatment of the acute form of gingivitis). Different medicines are used during therapeutic cure are anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and drugs for local correction oh the immune system.

To make the processes of breathing, eating, speaking easier and to eliminate the cause of inflammation doctors use steroids. These medicines are hydrocortisone and prednisolone. Those are prescription drugs and it is dangerous to use them without doctor's supervision.

After the doctor has found the cause of the disease you will be prescribed antifungal medicines and antibiotics that are especially effective against this kind of infectious matter. Probably the most effective way to cure glossitis is to increase the organism resistance (immunity). You will not only get rid of the disease but lower the risk of possible complications to minimum. Use medicines that can improve your immune system. Such medicines activate the own forces of the organism (of the oral mucosa in particular). Better immunity means higher concentration of a special antibacterial ferment in the saliva. This way phagocytic activity of the organism (ability to eliminate bacteria by the immune system) is increased, the growth of the immune system cells responsible for forming new antibodies is being stimulated.

Prevention of glossitis.

It is much easier to prevent the disease than to cure it. To prevent glossitis one should:
  • See a dentist regularly.
  • Clean his teeth properly.
  • Eat less spicy food and spices.
  • Reduce the consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

What are the possible consequences of glossitis?

If you do not neglect the illness glissitis can be easily cured. But if you do neglect the disease it may lead to glossoncus and breathing problems.

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