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Implications of Diabetes for the Periodontium

1. The pace of development of periodontal disease in patients with poorly controlled diabetes are two to three times higher than in patients without diabetes mellitus patients (Fig. 10-2).

2. The answer is well-controlled diabetics for non-surgical periodontal treatment, including periodontal diseases of the teeth, apparently similar to diabetes violence.

3. Patients with poorly controlled diabetes have poorer response to conservative and surgical treatment of periodontitis, faster repetition deep pockets, and less favorable long-term response to treatment.

4. Diabetics who smoke and who is aged 45 years and over, 20 times more frequently than in patients without diabetes mellitus, Smoking individual to experience severe periodontitis.

Diabetes and periodontitis

D. oral and periodontal effects poorly controlled diabetes

1. Reduced salivary flow and burning in the mouth or in the language of the common complaints of patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

Dental health professionals should suspect undiagnosed diabetes as a likely cause burning language and to direct the patient to the doctor for follow up care.

2. Reduced salivary flow and xerostomia can stimulate the growth of Candida albicans and the development of candidiasis of the oral cavity [6].

3. People with undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes often present with multiple periodontal abscess, which leads to a rapid deterioration of bone tissue of periodontal support. E. implications for the dental Hygienist

1. The level of the diabetes control and health conditions should be under careful supervision for all people with diabetes.

2. Dental hygienist should emphasize the importance of careful self-care at home and frequent professional care visits. ..

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