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The Importance of Bacterial Attachment

And Free Of Pathogens Can't Cause Periodontal Disease

1. The bacteria must be attached to the surface to cause periodontal disease.

2. Free floating bacteria-no matter how pathogenic cannot cause of periodontal disease.

3. The bacteria attach to the surface of the tooth, pocket epithelium, or other bacteria that are attached to one of these surfaces.

4. Most pathogenic bacteria to invest in the pocket of the epithelium.

B. sequence bacterial attachment

1. In several minutes after cleaning the surface of the tooth, the film forms on the surface of the tooth.

2. Within a few hours after the film education, early colonizers to start a connection to the outer surface of a film on the crown of the tooth (Fig. 6-16). Once the bacteria attach to the tooth, they begin to produce substances that stimulate other free floating bacteria to join the community.

3. After tooth surface is covered breeding bacteria begin to grow away from the tooth, forming Mature swpragingival biofilms. Biofilm development always starts swpragingivally (Fig. 6-16).

4. Between 3 and 12 weeks after swpragingival plaque biofilm begins to form, subgingival biofilms Mature with Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria. ..

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