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1. Acute Inflammation

A. Description

1. Acute inflammation is short term, and this is a normal process that protects and heals the body following physical injury or infection (Fig. 8-12).

2. In the absence of inflammation, ulcers and infections would never heal and gradual destruction of tissues would endanger human life.

3. Acute inflammatory process this is achieved by increasing the movement of plasma, leukocytes from the blood into the tissues damaged.

Two stages of acute inflammation

Five classic symptoms of acute inflammation. To inflame means "to burn", which makes one wonder, red, heat, and pain. Clinically, there are five classic symptoms of acute inflammation (box 8-1) at the site of infection or injury: 1. Heat-localized temperature rise due to the increased amount of blood on the spot.

2. Redness is a result of increased blood in this area.

3. Edema is the result of accumulation of liquid in place.

White blood cells and plasma collected on the site to cause inflammation (swelling)associated with inflammation.

4. Pain is the result of pressure from the swelling in the tissues. Excess fluid in the tissues, puts pressure on the nerves, causing pain.

5. The loss of the function is the result of swelling and pain. For example, inflammation of the finger (swelling, and pain) will lead you in favor of the fact that the finger and not to use it in a normal manner. ..

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