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Deceptive Labeling

Deceptive Labeling
Milk laws ago these days. Milk laws is controlled at the state level, therefore, the law may be different in your state. Dairy products, which are sold in big stores marked as yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese or cream cheese are in fact counterfeit. Because the laws, the present kefir, buttermilk, cream, cheese banned from our stores. Instead, the products that you see have a specific strain of culture Added milk or cream to create these products. natural, old-fashioned way to make these products through natural fermentation, without adding enzymes. To store the products do not receive from the natural process of cultivation and much inferior. Usually, the taste is not what real food, not in stores, actually tastes like. Equally health benefits from store-bought products may not be the same, except, perhaps, some of the highest marks of yoghurts.

Problems with store-bought milk is not only the cultivation process, as well as original as milk.

Most labelled as organic milk comes from cows, which, naturally, was not raised. Dairy cows, even supposedly from organic dairy plants often restricted and deprived of the natural diet, herbs. Instead, they are fed with grain and other low-cost feed, including waste grain from plants that are not part of cow's natural diet. The result of this large-scale Mercantile production is that the grain-fed milk available useful life-sustaining nutrients. In General, people do not make, and for grain-fed milk; she's too sweet and nutrient poor. Unless labeled otherwise, you can assume the store-bought milk fully grain-fed, even organic fertilizers. Although the ideal of organic milk that it comes from pasture-fed, free ranging cows, the reality is that very few dairies sales of organic milk to meet these standards...
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