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Field horsetail

Field horsetail
Field horsetail is a perennial herb. Actually it is a couch grass. The roots of field horsetail grow deep. The plant is unpretentious and can easily grow in difficult environments. Field horsetail looks like a grassy firtree 30 centimeters high. Field horsetail is a cryptogamic plant. The first stems of field horsetail appear in spring. They have spikelets of spores on them. As the spores are mature, fir-like stems appear. Grassy part of field horsetail is frequently used in medicine. Chemical composition of field horsetail is diverse: it contains alkaloids, saponins, bitter, tannin, vitamins B, C, carotin, gums, organic acids, and many other useful substances. Field horsetail is gathered when the spores are mature. Eventually, one will gather only fir-like stems. Field horsetail in dentistry and against diseases of the mouth cavity. Field horsetail decoction is used as a mouthwash or for fomentations. Hey possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, tanning, styptic properties. That is why field horsetail decoction can be used to treat abscesses in the mouth cavity, inflammation of gums or gingival hemorrhage.
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