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Good Soup Heals Your Teeth

Good Soup Heals Your Teeth
There's nothing like a tasty soup that warms the inside. Homemade concoctions are one of the most potent drugs for caries. In the diet of people in the Swiss Alps, which were immune to cavities, soups are served throughout the week. A decoction of nutritious soup, cooking cartilage rich bones of chicken, beef, fish, and so on. Good broth rich gelatin, and when stored in the refrigerator, it will gel. A great sauce can be made with beef or mutton broth.

Gelatin can help to heal and restore your digestive tract. It enhances the absorption of nutrients. Aloe Vera and slippery elm gruel can also help soothe the intestines. Part of Dr. price successful caries controlling Protocol was almost daily consumption of beef or fish, meat stews. Beef stew was prepared with plenty of bone marrow. Best bone broth for caries spread the broth made from the carcasses of wild fish. The carcass is, ideally, should have a leader, and if he has the authorities, even better. This broth is especially powerful and rich in minerals. Instructions for soup are in the recipe section of this book. Healthy cultures around the world know the value soup of fish heads. Meat, eyes and brain all eat fish, as they are rich in minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins...

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