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Healing Tooth Cavities on a Vegetarian Diet

Healing Tooth Cavities on a Vegetarian Diet
I created a vegetarian because it is possible to considerably improve your dental health as a vegetarian. Although I do not recommend anyone to choose vegetarianism as a way of life, I want to meet numerous requests for help from vegetarians. I ask you to reflect on a few points before continuing on vegetarian program. Just to be clear in this discussion, when I say that the meat, it includes fish. If you want to avoid land animal food, but only use products from the sea, you can use other protocols in this book and enjoy very encouraging results.

When I was a vegetarian, I never fully thinking about why I chose this way of life, even though I believed I did not want to contribute to the killing of animals. Instead, I slowly and unconsciously started to kill himself by the consumption of large quantities tofu, to satisfy the hunger. My two years of vegetarianism ended when I was on a vision quest.

High on mount Shasta in California I fasted for two nights and three days. I could not finish last night vision quest, because I became obsessed with only one vision: sandwich with Turkey! I was hungry and exhausted and I decided that to get the vegetarianism. I am no longer a vegetarian and I don't encourage vegetarian diets for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. I do not advocate a vegetarian diet for children.

Current commercial livestock practices worldwide environmental damage, but animals in General abuse. But losing what we must avoid animal products sends into the world energy poverty and deprivation. I don't know there was a choice of animals humane care. There are even some grass-fed farms, which include prayer ceremony before to kill the animal. When choosing food carefully, making sure that the animals are well-kept and raised humanely, I personally think that it's good to meet my body hunger, eating meat.

In an ideal world, I would probably do not eat meat, because I honestly prefer not to kill things. So far idealized world is becoming a reality, I have no energy which comes without food for several species of animal protein with every meal. Healthy vegetarians still need animal fats and proteins; they just get them from dairy products and eggs. Before the domestication of animals, hunted their protein of animal origin. The design of nature for people, who are able to fashion tools, obviously for us to hunt. People couldn't live in cold climates without making clothes from animal skins. Our genetic and heritage of ancestors " is one of the hunting and gathering.

Most people vegetarian for religious purposes. For the last thousand or two, certain groups to rely without meat diet to help them on their spiritual path. Today, many monks and religious leaders eat some meat animals; they just don't kill him themselves. Therefore, as long as the Wolf and the lamb fed on together, and lions begin to eat only grass, I'm going to keep eating and recommend people to eat something like animal flesh. There is a healthy vegetarian societies in the world, but it is not common Finding. When Weston price of its field research, he could not find even one of the traditional culture, which was a vegetarian. However, Dr. price not travel to India. Village people in some parts of India, following a carefully designed diet based on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge that displays a low level of caries. Every part of their diet is carefully organized, including sowing and harvesting in harmony with the Moon cycles, special soil fertility practices, special combinations of vegetables to ensure the balance of minerals, absolutely no processed foods of any kind of grain at the age of one year and freshly ground, at the age of sugar, special seasoning to improve digestion, herbs and berries, such as Amalaki increase the mineral content of the diet, a complete elimination of all nightshades, and, perhaps, the most powerful and nutritious milk on the planet from Buffalo.

Milk is also treated differently, in accordance with the season. Rare few deeply spiritual and traditional roots companies have found a way to create a sufficient density of minerals in the diet, to have a high resistance to caries without having to rely on animal flesh. This Type of diet is very difficult to recreate in the United States...

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