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How to Treat Your Decayed Tooth

How to Treat Your Decayed Tooth
I am often asked about what to do in specific cases rotten teeth. My answer is very simple. Do the best you can with meals. And then evaluate your dentist if your tooth needs further cosmetic or surgical treatment. It never hurts to improve your diet anyway.

What to do if your tooth decay depends on how severe it is. The weight is determined by how much pain you experience, if there is visible large cavity in the tooth, and if the tooth has been drilled or injury in the past. understanding of the past state of the tooth will help you, what type of treatment your dental needs in accordance with the diet that helps to remineralize teeth, such as those discussed in this website. The advice here is meaningless to those who neglect carefully to make sure that they have a sufficient number of fat-soluble vitamins in the diet, avoiding many teeth-decay-promotion of products.

Problems with teeth in the teeth, which were drilled dentists, as a rule, must be repaired to some extent a good dentist. Model of drilling large holes, guided "expansion of prevention" room hurt his teeth. Tooth with moderate and large mercury lost its structural strength of the large holes drilled in it. Some older composite fillings can also demonstrate the loss of structural integrity, if they are poorly linked tooth. The analogy of such teeth is a house without a roof. Without a sound roof, any weather will be able to enter the house. The house will be difficult to remove, and, most likely, will be damaged by the weather. In addition, your tooth, which was drilled as a house without a roof. Your body has a huge and hard work to clean, repair, and maintain a damaged tooth because it little protection from the environment of your mouth. If your house was no roof, does it make sense to continue to try to clean it after every rain or snow? No. It would make sense to repair the roof, to prevent problems in the first place. Similarly, poorly dentistry should be fixed with a good dentistry. Teeth that mercury fillings, toxic crowns, root or normal channels, such as houses without roofs. With teeth that have already been the subject of a dentist's drill, no matter what the condition of the teeth, to be in pain, temperature-sensitive, cracks, or infected treatment path will require the work of a tooth handyman, dentist. Great dentists bonds teeth, save inflamed nerves and restore the structural integrity of the tooth, with carefully bonded ceramics and composites. After the tooth is safe and not to be injured he can heal faster. The trick is that if you go to the dentist, with a large number of dental decay, it usually want to delete all of the destroyed part of the tooth, even part of the tooth, which can remineralization. How long will you wait for remineralization of teeth as a dentist, you need to drill, if at all, and if you must have temporary or permanent filling made during treats every tooth is fully up to you to decide together with hope, support, tips dentist...

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