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The Anti-Scorbutic Vitamin and Your Teeth and Gums

The Anti-Scorbutic Vitamin and Your Teeth and Gums
Scurvy became famous as widespread disease among sailors. This happened after a long sea voyages, when sailors had to exist on dried products, including dried products from grain, such as hard tactics. Symptoms of scurvy include soft and friable gum, which eventually lead to tooth loss, slow wound healing, poor bone formation, severe weakness, nausea and, ultimately, death. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss as we age. We learned from the dentist W.D. Miller that healthy gums to protect teeth from caries. with tooth loss from gum disease is a symptom of scurvy, it is likely that that the reasons and methods of treatment of scurvy can cause and treatment of gum disease.

The researchers were delighted to discover the animal model, which in practice scurvy experiments. Guinea pigs were fed a high grain diet developed state, which seems to be exactly the same as scurvy people.

Cause scurvy, Guinea pigs were fed mainly bran, oats. Another scurvy-production of the diet consisted of whole grains like oats, barley, corn, soy beans and flour. Exclusive oatmeal diet will kill a Guinea pig in 24 days from scurvy. This is very scurvy causing diet had a very tooth and gum problems Guinea pigs.

That whole grains are the cause scurvy sheds light on the severity of the plant toxins natural grain. Guinea pigs fed sprouted oat and barley not a contract of scurvy. This shows that the process of germination can disable anti-nutrients that cause scurvy. Research scurvy, ultimately, led to the discovery of anti-scorbutic (anti-scurvy) vitamin, which we know as vitamin C. the re-introduction of the vitamin in the diet of Guinea pigs with raw cabbage (sauerkraut will work for a man) or orange juice, eliminates the disease.

Some scurvy researchers suspected that a lack of vitamin was not a significant cause scurvy. Rather, they believed that vitamin protected from some of the damaging factor in the diet. As scurvy, causing the diet consisted mainly of whole grains, possibly damaging factor is the fact that beans. Today we know that the grains contain a large amount of plant toxins and harmful substances, including lectins and phytic acid. Phytic acid is the main storage form of phosphorus in many tissues of plants, especially bran grain and seeds of other plants. It is found in significant amounts in grains, nuts, beans, seeds, and some tubers. Phytic acid contains mineral phosphorus, closely related in snowflake, as the molecule. In humans and animals from one stomach, phosphorus, not so high. In addition to blocking the availability of phosphorus, hands phytic acid molecules easily associate with other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, making them unavailable.

However, the negative consequences of phytic acid can be significantly reduced with vitamin C. the addition of vitamin K in the diet can largely eliminate phytic acid blocks the absorption of iron effect. This leaves us with compelling evidence that the symptoms of scurvy, as soft and soft gums, leading to tooth loss are the result of lack of vitamin C, and too much grain, or other phytic acid-rich foods. Perhaps, vitamin C amazing ability to heal and prevent scurvy because of its ability to help in the absorption of iron, which was broken too many incorrectly prepared grains are rich in phytic acid...

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