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Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling
If there is a large hole in the tooth need something to put in his place. Alzheimer's disease6, disease, Lou Gehrig (ALS), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, lupus, some forms of arthritis all have one thing in common-mercury. Mercury are considered as hazardous waste in fluorescent lamps in the amount of 22 milligrams. Normal mercury has about 1000 milligrams of mercury. Watch the video teaching mercury placement, I saw how dirty the installation process mercury fillings, and hundreds of pieces of hazardous mercury, are spread throughout the mouth.when a foreign substance, in particular, metal, is implanted in the body, the body can connect the reaction of the immune system. This toxic substance may cause or contribute to the development of diseases such as those just mentioned. The book is full body Dentistryhy dentist mark Breiner describes dental immune responses in children.
For example: one child is sick and unable to walk from mercury fillings and stainless steel (Nickel) kroons, and one child developed leukemia from these dental materials.

This is not just an amalgam mercury, which is toxic. While less toxic, white composite filling is made of frosted glass and plastic continue to cause an immune reaction, on average, 50% of patients. One of the most popular composite fillings caused negative immune response in 90% of those who received them. Ordinary dentists do not check the filling compatibility with your body. Composites plastics, adhesives may contain toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A. a modern filling lasts on average from 5 to 12 years, depending on the material. In the case of amalgam even with all the additional drilling, only 25% will last 8 years or longer.10 although there are some good composites on the market with such a short life, typical of filling is not a sustainable solution for tooth decay.

After drilling and filling comes our least favorite part of the invoice. Drilling, filling, and billing is a model of traditional dentistry, and business models. Dentist with many medical school debt, family, children, employees to pay and so on, need to make a lot of money to stay in business and to enjoy a comfortable life. The more teeth that are drilled and cultivated, the more money. There are not many incentives in this system for the treatment and prevention of cavities, because without drilling and filling the business model becomes even more challenging, in turn, dentistry in a profitable career. Because many alternative dentists are afraid to go to court or lose their license, they do not want the practice of dentistry, which is outside the accepted drilling and completing the Protocol.

Incredibly strong profit motive has many dentists blinded by dollar signs. People know that the majority of dentists in the business for the money, because they can see it and feel it. It's just for a regular dentist to get greedy and recommend least conservative (as in the most profitable) approach to the treatment of caries. As a consequence, many people have lost faith in dentistry; with each new dentist they try, selfish dentist you are still unable to put the patient's needs first. Even dentists have lost faith in their profession. Dentist Marvin Schissel wrote cooling comment on sordid dental work performed by dentists, seeking to maximize profits called dentistry and its victims, and the dentist Robert Nara wrote money mouth, showing how easily and often for dentists to earn money by clicking unnecessary dental treatment. All toxic materials, put in the mouth, causing an immune system response, short service life of the seal, the damage caused by high-speed drilling and unnecessarily prescribed procedure of filling, regular dentist doesn't really offer their patients the truth of health, or a permanent solution to decay...

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